Having moved to Asheville, NC in May of 2016 and being quite an urbanite,  I sometimes wonder what the hype is all about with this town in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains?  Its not that it's a bad place, it's actually a pretty good place, maybe a little less city-like than i prefer, but it's been an amazing landing pad for our family to relocate to after just short of 20 years in Europe.  

Just when I am at that moment of, "What's going on here?" in that newcomer kind of way, Asheville always enlightens me that maybe I'm not just in Western North Carolina.  That happened to me on Saturday when I was invited to have breakfast at bimberibon

bimberibon  is located at 697 Haywood Road just next to Ingles in West Asheville.  Upon walking in I was taken to Palo Alto, San Francisco, or Austin.  The interior of the restaurant is airy and filled with plants.  The restaurant boasts as serving "Real Feelgood Food."  I'd have to agree. The food is good for you and also feels good to eat.  I had the Chia Waffles which are described as rice & lentils batter, flax seeds, curried butter, sautéed apples, sorghum syrup on the convenient menu located on the wall.  

Despite the fact that I now think it's the best place in town for breakfast; it beamed me out of a mountain town and into a big city.  This actually happens a lot in Asheville.  It's another example of this town's journey into becoming a city. 

Now go have breakfast, lunch, or dinner at bimberibon.