Holiday Decor in Asheville, North Carolina

Every year at the beginning of the holiday season we at Cahill + Stern Design begin decorating for the upcoming holidays with vigor.  It's a part of our daily routine and takes a considerable amount of time.  The outcome is absolutely stunning.  We take pride in producing fresh and new designs within our homes and in the homes of our clients.  Believe it or not, although the City of Asheville doesn't take the holidays that serious, we do.  We find it absolutely appalling that Asheville allows itself such minimal decorations within the downtown area and likewise in most neighborhoods. Holiday Decorations are scarce.  This in itself is quite disturbing for the commercial aspects of the town.  Within minutes from downtown Asheville lies the Biltmore Estate,  a place where the Holidays come to life with lights, trees, garland, and other decorative ornamental additions.  Why is it that Asheville does not capitalize on such an event at their largest tourist attraction and draw people towards the city centre to fill up local restaurants and stores with tourists seeking the holiday experience.  At best, a tourist in Asheville during this season will be underwhelmed if not mortified with the lack of decorations. 

Asheville Holiday Decorations

All that said,  this travesty occurring in downtown Asheville at this time of year is overcome by the abundant and beautiful decorations adorning both Cahill + Stern Homes, as well as, homes of their bespoke clientele who not only want to emulate the holiday decor we exude, but are also willing to pay for us to come into their home and transcend their home from an unadorned home to a home gleaming with shimmering light, fresh pine, and decorative ornaments throughout.  We take each home and family into an individual account and transform it into a winter wonderland.  In addition to decorating their homes, we also plan intricately detailed table scapes that impress as these families host holiday parties and dinners.  

If interested in having your home transformed into a decorative holiday space call us at 828-507-0466 for a consultation.  


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