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Charity is Going to the Dogs!

Charity is Going to the Dogs!  A Charity Event at Ciel for Homes for Hounds!

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Cane, Rattan, and Bamboo

In the totemic hierarchy of cane furniture, tortoise mottled bamboo is certainly the Grand Pooh Bah, but be forewarned; not all bamboo furniture is created alike; The pastel bedroom suite your grandmother purchased at Lane's in 1981 might be more well suited for the refuse pile than the drawing room.

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Holiday Decor in Asheville, North Carolina


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Asheville Real Estate Services
We've Been Scouted.
The Drawers of War

Military men and their mahogany

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The Middling Sort

Furniture of the burghers and the bourgeoise

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The Beauty of Aubusson

Beautiful things from beautiful places...

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